Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Scuba divers warned to be cautious exploring HMNZS Canterbury


By Luther Monroe
December 19, 2007

BAY OF ISLANDS, New Zealand — Authorities warned divers to be cautious when exploring the HMNZS Canterbury, a warship sunk as a scuba diving attraction in the Bay of Islands.

Police and the Bay of Islands Canterbury Charitable Trust urged divers to respect the depth and difficulty of diving where machinery and confined areas increase risks.

"We anticipate that many divers will explore the HMNZS Canterbury over the next few months," a police spokesperson told CDNN. "It is important that recreational divers understand wreck diving requires caution, planning and specialized training."

In November, the HMNZS Canterbury was scuttled to a depth of 38 meters at Deep Water Cove.



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